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May 2005

Drink of the Week
Drink of the Week: Mighty Leaf Tea. Okay, yes, sometimes even we need a break from full-on caffeinated splendor. And when we do, this will be among the selections on our sizable tea shelf. First up, we dig the mesh bags. That may sound like a nit, but when you’re neurotic and paranoid like me, the last thing you want to drink is tea with objects floating in it. Sure, they look nifty while steeping in a bag, but once they get loose…just say no to gritty tea. These hand-stitched mesh bags don’t let anything through but the taste. And the taste rocks too: our personal favorite is the Chamomile Citrus, which has just about the smoothest bite you could ask for. Perfect blend.
We also checked out Orange Dulce as well. Even if you don’t like frou-frou herbal teas, this stuff
might make a believer out of you. We’re sold on it.
Their green tea is also very good. It's got jasmine in it as well, and it's very fragrant and tasty.
Comment by Cosette — May 9, 2005 @ 1:18 pm .

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