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Can I just say "THANK YOU"? I think you'll appreciate this story.... I have been a coffee drinker ever since college, drinking it religiously every morning - my day was not complete without it. That meant that every morning, I walked over to the Sierra Cafe to get a cup of piping hot Illy coffee...that's until I tried Mighty Leaf Tea!!! Now, my morning is not complete without opening a bag of chamomile citrus (caffeine free no less!) and smelling the wonderful combination of chamomile & fruit. I don't even drink coffee anymore, nor crave it! Believe me, this is fairly miraculous, as I am (was) a die-hard coffee drinker! I'm addicted to the chamomile citrus...

It is hard to belief but on Midway Atoll out in nowhere there have a tiny tiny store which opens 3 times/week for one hour. They are selling toothpaste and beer AND your tea!
Except you have your own plane or boat you can't get there. I helped out the US Fish & Wildlife Service working as a volunteer for six weeks. At one of my last days I discovered your tea in that store - what a delight.
Now back in Honolulu I am craving for it. Can you give me a location where I can buy it without buying a plane? Is it possible to receive samples? The only one I tasted was "Mountain Spring Jasmine".
In case you don't have a vendor here, what would be the cost for shipping?
Thank you kindly,

Wow! You guys do it right! Drinking a cup of your
tea was a very satisfying sensual experience. First off the packaging is great, and then the scent as you open the bag, and then the surprise of the teabag sewn so perfectly together, and the perfect leaves and other stuff inside I was enraptured before I even tasted the tea!!, and finally the taste of the tea itself was the perfect balance of flavors. I had the chamomile citrus and tasted my friend's green tea tropical. Until trying your teas, chamomile and green tea were flavors I didn't like. You guys put together an amazing experience in one little tea bag!! Thank you!
I Shlimovich

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Thank goodness for a chance encounter at The Mermaid Bar in Neiman Marcus. I luckily stumbled across my favorite new drink... Might Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea. I have NEVER tasted anything like it and I can't wait to get my friends, family, THE WORLD hooked on this fabulous tea. It's as though my taste buds have never worked until that first sip!
J. Anderson

Just wanted to let you know I picked up some of your Vanilla Bean and Green Tropical Tea here in Sacramento, CA at Selland's Market and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the taste and quality. You make the most amazing tea I have tasted in my 35 years on this planet. I'm ordering some larger bags for my office (since my co-workers keep dipping into my stash. Keep up the good work!!
B Levinthal

Several months ago, I had Mighty Leaf's Orange Jasmine Tea at a restaurant in San Francisco. Wow! It was so wonderful that I sent the waitress back to kitchen to find out who produced such a wonderful tea. Immediately after she reported the answer, I wrote the name "Mighty Tea" in my Palm organizer. I salivate just thinking of my first and only encounter with that terrific tea. I look forward to hearing from you.
Brady O.

hello, I recently ordered hot tea in a favorite restaurant and lo and behold what was brought to me was the most beautiful aromatic bag o' leaves I have ever had the privilege to pour hot water over. I said to myself, "myself, do you think this amazing product might be sold on an over-the-counter basis?". so I would like to ask you this, oh fine mighty leaf representative - are there any retail establishments at which I might purchase this tea? I realize I could order over the internet, however the hunter/gatherer in me compels me to seek and find this treasure on my own. I had meant to ask the restaurateurs as to where they procured this godly substance but I was in such a dreamy stupor upon concluding this sacred tea drinking experience that I could barely focus on reality. if you could show me the way to the closest mighty leaf, I would be truly appreciative. thank you very kindly.

I just found out about your tea from a friend and saw the customer testimonials section - I thought you would like to hear what my friend had to say about your tea.

..."a friend and I went to lunch yesterday.... Well, it was so cold here (like 15 degrees here yesterday morning and maybe around 30 max at lunchtime) that I decided to order hot tea. Wow, was that ever the right idea!! They brought a leather case out and opened it to reveal all these different kinds. They were in bags that we had never seen before. It's called Mighty Leaf tea. They were in very elegant packages, but it was funny that we both GASPED in unison as we tore open the packages!! The tea bag looks like it is actually made of silk organza and is stitched together around the edges on a sewing machine!! The tea bag is incredible, plus large whole leaves and parts of orange peel, flowers, etc. are in there. We couldn't believe it!! Can you believe we BOTH actually brought the USED teabag back to the office in our purse (how weird is that???!!) to make ourselves more tea from it here at work. We're actually keeping them as souvenirs!! Actually, it looks like a sachet that was meant for your lingerie drawer to scent it!! They look THAT good!! Also, we both got 6 cups of tea out of that one bag, and it still smells GREAT!! AND, it was the best tea I've ever tasted BY FAR!! Nothing is even close to this. The one I had was called Orange Jasmine and had orange, jasmine, bergamot and vanilla in it and was HEAVEN!! my friend had Ginger Twist (no caffeine) and said it was the best tea she had ever tasted. We were telling everyone back at the office about this and OF COURSE, they thought we were CRAZY to get so excited over that teabag!!!... we ended up actually taking another teabag from the case (Rainforest Mint) to bring back and have today. It's pretty good, but nothing like those other two! It's good but just tastes like mint. The combination of all those other flavors in the other ones we had is what made them SO good. We thought that cup of tea would cost a fortune cause it was so neat, but it cost $2.50, AND we got 6 cups out of it! We are going to order some more over the internet (www.mightyleaf.com)..."
L Bonesio

I was recently introduce to your products at a spa getaway. Your teas must be sent from the heavens!! I am hooked. I look forward to hearing from you and getting my hands on some more of your tea!!! Thanks
A Arkeveld

I have to admit that your tea should be included in one of the 7 wonders of the world. I have never experienced such wonderful taste and essence in years since we moved from our country. I have introduced your tea to several of my friends and they all wondered on where I discovered your tea.
Keep up the good work.

Hi, We had some of your super tea at the McArthur Park Inn in Sonoma. We live in Tiburon and wondered where we could buy it near our home. Thanks for your help. By the way, I never cared for Green Tea until I tried your Tropical Green Tea!

Just had your “Breakfast Americana" tea this morning at the St. Regis hotel in Laguna and I must say I looooved it!
Thank you!
S Sugandh

You have absolutely AMAZING teas -- the finest I have ever had! What a find you are!!
E Cassidy

We bring your tea with us everywhere we go. We drive restaurants nuts! K Munro

while staying at the peninsula Chicago this past weekend, I had the pleasure of discovering via room service your breakfast Americana tea. at last I can enjoy proper loose leaf tea at work and home without all the production and mess of using infusers/strainers/etc. a brilliant idea!
T Kirvaitis

Thanks for the fabulous teas! They are the best teas that we have ever had - the quality of the taste, the fragrance, and of course those really cool tea bags! We love the blends and are enjoying several cups a day of a variety of these unique teas. We have about 50 other varieties of teas and are about ready to give the rest of them away and just have our supply of Mighty Leaf Teas! D & S Mayginnes

This is the best tea that I have ever had! Even my 4 year old daughter loves it. I can't wait to get more...
J Paul

This is by far the best tea I have ever tasted! I'm going to have all my friends try it!
B Kennedy

I've tried a lot of teas in my travels. I have lived overseas three times - Mighty Leaf is the most fragrant, brain pleasing tea I have ever tasted. I love the cheese cloth bag. It adds to much to the experience.
L. Throness

I sipped your Celebration Tea each afternoon this past weekend at Acqua Hotel - they have a pot of your tea in their lobby for their guests. I'm hooked!
L Mathews

Your tea was not only beautifully packaged but delicious. Thank you for making such a quality product!
M J Cox

Hi Gary, I was lucky enough to get a bag of your tea as a Christmas present. I owned a cafe Mendocino for 23 years and as a life long tea drinker, just want to tell you how superior your product is to most of what's out there. You are doing a great job! I look forward to sipping my way through the entire line and serving it to my clients as well. Sincerely,
M Fox-Kump

we absolutely love your tea!!!...we buy it for ourselves and give it as gifts. The silk tea bags are so beautiful and is a wonderful surprise to first time drinkers of your tea when they see the bag. Thank you very much.
J Prindle

I have never seen such beautiful tea bags in my life. I took one home from the conference I attended at the Sanctuary, in the camel back mountains in Arizona, so I could order your tea. It tastes delicious and the bags are exquisite. Thank-you!
C Carlson

I have already `turned on` friends and family to your teas. They are exceptional on every level. Keep it up. You have an appreciative audience.
Ms. H Berenson

Your teas are the most flavorful teas I've ever had. The `silk` bag they come in are very `elegant`! Just by looking at the bags and the leaves within, you can tell you're in for a delicious treat. Thank you!
C Nolan

Love the teas! I know my tea - and I think the quality your company supplies is wonderful. Great presentation as well.
D Sorrenti-Gunthner

Keep up the good work, these are the best teas I have tried in quite awhile. Thank you for having a such a great product.
V Garofola

best tea we've ever had. well worth having it shipped all the way from san fransisco. kudos on a job well done.
G Phillips

Have never enjoyed a cup of tea so much! Loved the Chamomile Citrus so much that I'm ordering the sampler for a gift as well as trying some others myself! Where can we find you in Bay Area stores????
k beardsley-umezawa

I was recently at a meeting at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas and was able to experience your pouch teas for the first time. I was thrilled to learn that they are available to the consumer and not just the hotel trade. If I were not able to buy this on my own I was ready to beg and plead and make a total fool of myself with the catering person at the Adolphus and coerce them in to making a purchase on my behalf--thank goodness the process will be much easier than that!!
P Moroney

Your teas are the best I have ever tasted! I never liked flavored teas before, they were always artificially flavored, yours are all natural ingredients and that makes all the difference. I congratulate you on elevating tea drinking to the level of fine wines!! Keep up the good work and of making the world a more beautiful and flavorful place!! Mr. K Minto

love the packaging, love the flavor. the leaf is mighty!
w earl

The chamomile was the best I have had and the presentation of what looks like fresh ingredients in the bag was great. I am ordering some other flavors to try and hope to use them in the future as gifts.
R Haas

Hello there! I was totally blown away yesterday when we had brunch at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida and I had the opportunity to try your teas. I have never before seen a tea bag like yours in my life. I am a tea lover, which tends to be pretty much of a pain to servers around the world, since they have to bring extra stuff out for you plus they usually only have black tea. Your tea tasted incredible and the woven tea bag was amazing. Congratulations on a wonderful product and I will ordering your tea on line very soon.
N Behr

By far, the best tea we have ever had. The African Nectar is my new all-time favorite tea!!! Keep up the awesome job!
S Harris

Love the pouches! The tea bags are sooo fragrant! And Mighty Leaf -- what a cutie. As you can see, I just love your concept. Kudos on a job well done! I will spread the word down here on the Peninsula!
B Yuan

I saw someone at my table lifting the chamomile citrus tea bag from their cup and was so excited by the way the bags and contents looked that I had to have some. The tea is wonderful. I pilfered as many bags as I could from the service cart and had some more for breakfast the next day before leaving. Now I am hording my precious tea bags. I just had to order some for me and for a gift.
L Alexander

I was staying at the Fairmont in Dallas during a business trip and ordered tea with lemon and honey one night. When your citrus blend of herbal tea arrived I thought I'd found heaven on earth. I was hooked and have been craving it ever since!! I finally realized to look on the web (I saved the tea bag!) and was so glad to see I could purchase online. Truly a magnificent tea. Nice work!
J Pavlatos

I'm a tea lover and I had tried just about every kind of tea out there. Yours by far was the most fragrant and most beautifully packaged (which is very important, too!). I look forward to receive my order.
Dr. Y Chen

Your teas are tremendous! An Irish in-law has been converting the family to tea from coffee, but I resisted the change until I tried your teas at the Peninsula over the weekend. It is great that they are available on the Internet. Thank you!
M Kahn

Your chamomile citrus tea is the best thing ever! It sent me on a hunt for retail outlets that stock it.
E Tetzlaff

J Houseman

This is some of the most wonderful tea I've tasted. I'm always bringing home teas from England & Ireland, because I could never find teas in the US that had flavor, but didn't upset my stomach. This TEA is awesome!!! Thanks!
L Franceschi

yummy yummy yummy
B Rhodes

This is the BEST tea I have EVER tasted! I was so impressed I went back and bought 5 more bags at $1.45 per bag. I'm glad you have a website as it will be cheaper to purchase tea through you directly.
R Ellison

First class teas--I fell in love with them! It's a nice change from the ordinary. S Decell

This is the first tea I have fallen in love with!
Dr. M Cruz

I just want to say I love your teas. I won't drink anything else!
C McIntosh

WOW! This is a truly great product! A friend has given me a few samples and I can't wait to order soon.
Thanks so much,
M Thomas

I would first like to say that your tea is the most exquisite tea I have ever had the chance to try. I am an avid tea drinker, and have tried pretty much all of it, until now. Please reply with other ways to get the stuff, cause I have to have it!! Thanks Mighty Leaf!!
M Stepanchuk

Mighty-Leafers, Your tea is sublime. I have shared Mighty Leaf Jasmine, Chamomile and Green tea with all my friends and they think it is fantastic. We have a clear glass teapot at home in which we steep the tea and the aroma and flavor is lovely. I can't think of drinking any other tea and the difference between your tea and other store-bought varieties is so glaringly evident. Thanks so much for bringing tea-drinking to an entirely new level. I think you should open up a tea room in San Francisco!!!
A C Unjieng

Hi, I first experienced your tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. I'm a member of their Spa and they serve your tea complimentary. I just love it! It is the best tea I've ever tasted Thanks!

I recently stayed at the St. Regis hotel in Dana Point, California and was served your teas. I fell in love with the Mountain Spring Jasmine teabags and just wanted you to know that I think your product is exceptional!
A Kozin

African nectar is the best tea I have ever had. I never knew tea could be so good. Bravo.
A Amdur